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Strive to achieve perfection in every square meter


Through domestic and foreign professional testing certification,all meet the high standard test requirements, a trustworthy brand!








The company has won the following: Jiangsu's excellent and famous enterprises, Jiangsu famous brand products, Jiangsu private technology enterprises, Jiangsu quality integrity five star enterprises, Jiangsu green environmental protection products,Jiangsu excellent technology innovation enterprises and so on.


With its excellent innovation ability, Hua Jing has been constantly meeting the needs of China and the world market for plastic floor, and is widely used in public places, business areas, hospitals, schools, laboratories, office buildings and other places.

Providing fine-refining services to users,

Strive to achieve perfection in every square meter

In the future of Chinese and overseas market,HUAJINIG resilient flooring is professional manufacture and leader in the overall solution of vinyl flooring area. Since 2012,we imported European advanced production technology continually,and let our England global Strategic cooperation partner send professional technicist on-the-spot guidance ,fully ensure the product's quality and production,and staff skills training in all directions,working hard for production technology and development,we are always.exceeding in the same trade and business.

Our products series: Ying-Zi, Mei-Zi,Ya-Zi,Le-Zj..etc, production base on Changzhou city of China, Yangtze river Delta, near to Yangtze river, Shanghai-Nanjing expressway,traffic is so easy. The outstanding creative ability Of HUAJING resilient flooring,continually satisfying the requests of vinyl flooring in Chinese and overseas market. And widely used in public place, commercial area,hospital,school, lab,building office...etc


Zero - formaldehyde

“Touch us safer”


Synergistic effects make all kinds of stubborn stains more difficult to adhere to and easy to clean.

Zeroheavy metal

“Biomass food grade raw materials”

Coloris more natural

With the natural texture of marble, a variety of colors can be collocated by the designer.

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

In terms of environmental protection, Hua Jing floor, following and implementing the ISO14001 environmental protection system and the Treaty of international environmental protection organization, has made substantial progress in products,raw materials, processing and production, application process, waste disposal and other aspects, greatly supporting the development of environmental protection.

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  • Dustproof anti-static series

    No direction fashion series

    There are directional classic series


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