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Application fields of PVC anti-static floor
List:Company News Time:2018-03-04

PVC anti-static flooring is visible everywhere in our work. Its main application areas are still in the electronics, chip, integrated circuit and other manufacturing fields.

The line width of integrated circuits and chips has reached 0.1 micrometers. If these products are electrostatically charged, they will have an adsorption effect on tens or even several micrometers of dust, and a few micrometers of dust particles will be adsorbed on the chip. That is to say, the insulation strength between dozens of core wires is greatly reduced, and then a short circuit is formed to damage the chip.

In addition, PVC anti-static flooring is also used in many scientific research units and laboratories because the human body carries a lot of static electricity. When the human body is in contact with integrated circuits, chips, high-precision instruments, etc., the human body's static electricity will be discharged due to rapid speed. However, a large potential difference occurs and fatal damage occurs, and the instrument operates abnormally.

Finally, PVC antistatic floors are also commonly used in computer rooms, especially in server rooms. Servers work uninterrupted for a long time, so protection must be in place. If the service cannot run normally due to static electricity, the loss is large.


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