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Characteristics of non-directional homogeneous through-heart PVC floor
List:Company News Time:2018-03-14

Characteristics of non-directional homogeneous through-heart PVC floor

Many friends do not know what are the advantages of non-directional homogeneous and transparent PVC coil flooring. Is this flooring really better than traditional wooden flooring and ceramic tiles?

The non-directional homogeneous and transparent heart-shaped PVC coil floor has rich coloring grains with many varieties, which meets the aesthetic and application requirements of different designers and customers. The slight skin texture on the surface is both beautiful and non-slip, which combines beauty and practicality perfectly. All PVC used in the production process are brand new raw materials and do not contain recycled PVC, so there are fewer plasticizers to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and healthy products. Due to the homogeneous through-heart structure, the wear life is generally longer than that of multi-layer composite PVC flooring. It also has more advantages. Let me take a look at the advantages one by one.

1. Light weight and thin, it is a light building material, which can greatly reduce the floor load. Improve space utilization.

2. Green environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless, no radioactive pollution, belongs to green environmental protection products, resources can be recycled.

3. Wear-resistant. Because the whole body is the same pattern and material, the floor of this structure is recognized as the most durable among the elastic floor materials. It can be used in public places with large flow of people, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.

4, non-slip, PVC material, strong anti-slip, astringent in water, can relieve the worries of the elderly and children.

5, moisture-proof, anti-mildew and anti-bacterial, no deformation in water. It is widely used in hospitals and nursery schools.

6, sound absorption and noise reduction, PVC flooring, not only does not generate noise, but also eliminates noise between floors, it does not matter to run or carry goods on it, can create a quiet office or living space.

7, comfortable walking, good foot feel, soft, refreshing, PVC floor can absorb impact to relieve knee fatigue and provide more comfortable foot feel.

8. Because the whole body is the same pattern and material, it has strong resistance to scratches and cigarette burns. It is easy to repair when encountering large damage.


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