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Home decoration, why not buy wood flooring, but buy PVC flooring!
List:Company News Time:2018-03-14

Many consumers are very confused when it comes to home decoration. I don't know whether to choose ceramic tiles or wooden floors? Because decoration is a matter of decades, you must choose healthy and environmentally friendly materials, and ensure that you take good care of them in the future.

So, choose a PVC floor instead of a wooden floor!

First, there are many disadvantages to wooden flooring.

1. Many composite wood floors have carcinogenic formaldehyde release. At present, most of the composite wood floors on the market, because of the need to use glue, many wood floors survive the release of formaldehyde;

2. When the air humidity is high, the floor is prone to mold;

3. Do not pay attention to mopping, it is easy to deform and warp after flooding;

4. Wooden floors need regular maintenance, especially if some stains are not cleaned as soon as possible, they will leave permanent marks;

5. The use time of wooden floor is relatively short, no maintenance is needed, and a large amount of money will be spent for decoration after a few years;

6. Wooden floors will burn when encountering a fire, and there is a safety risk;

7. Every year, due to the use of wooden flooring, a large number of forests around the world are deforested, which causes serious environmental pollution problems! Protecting the environment and using less wooden flooring is the responsibility of citizens!

There are many advantages to PVC flooring

1. PVC can also be called polyvinyl chloride. PVC flooring is 100% free of toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and there is no radiation. It is a green environmentally friendly decoration material, which will not cause harm to humans. Environmental protection

2. The PVC floor has good anti-slip performance, and the foot feels more astringent under water, and it is more difficult to slip. So it is very suitable for families with elderly and children;

3. PVC floor is easier to clean and simple to maintain, it is not easy to hide dirt and no air pollutants;


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