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Introduction to the difference between antistatic ground and antistatic floor
List:Company News Time:2018-03-06

From the word meaning, anti-static floor and anti-static floor are only one word apart, one is anti-, the other is anti-. From the general inertial thinking of people, prevention means prevention, and resistance means confrontation. The meaning is different. So many people have such questions. Are antistatic floors the same as antistatic floors? Or you have thought that anti-static floor and anti-static floor are completely different, and their efficacy is definitely different. In fact, otherwise, anti-static floor is the same as anti-static floor. Anti-static floor is anti-static floor, but some people The habit is called an anti-static floor, and some people are accustomed to call it an anti-static floor, so that such questions will occur. Let's talk briefly about the efficacy and scope of the anti-static floor.

Anti-static floor is also called anti-static floor, also called dissipative static floor. It is a kind of floor that can dissipate electric charge when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point. It is called antistatic floor in foreign countries. Divided into static conductive type and static dissipation type. According to different environments, anti-static floors have different products to meet their anti-static purposes, such as three anti-static raised floors, all-steel anti-static raised floors, composite anti-static floors, aluminum alloy anti-static floors, etc. Unique use, can effectively prevent the existence of static electricity against invisible killers and reduce the harm caused by static electricity. Anti-static moving plate has a wide range of applications, such as microelectronics industry, computer, communication and electronic equipment manufacturing, hospital operating room, anesthesia room, oxygen bar room, etc., especially in some factories, electronics factories, computer rooms, etc. There is a large amount of static electricity in the surrounding environment. Static electricity will cause certain harm to the surrounding electronic products, which will not only cause harm to machines, instruments, etc., too, too much static electricity is also a threat to the human body. , Computer room and other places can not be ignored, so after continuous research and the introduction of technology, anti-static floor came into being, so that in those special occasions, the electrostatic problem can be effectively solved, At the same time, the flooring market has expanded a lot and the market share has also increased.


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