In the future of Chinese and overseas market,HUAJINIG resilient flooring is professional manufacture and leader in the overall solution of vinyl flooring area. Since 2012,we imported European advanced production technology continually,and let our England global Strategic cooperation partner send professional technicist on-the-spot guidance ,fully ensure the product's quality and production,and staff skills training in all directions,working hard for production technology and development,we are always.exceeding in the same trade and business


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    It is widely used in public places, such as public places, commercial areas, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical factories, schools, kindergartens, laboratories, etc.

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    High quality multi-functional homogenous core floor; Polyurethane deep strengthening special treatment, permanent free waxing, excellent clean function; The anti-fungus anti-mildew treatment; No direc
    Called the "RHPP" treatment "for high pressure airtight is bright and clean surface treatment", it is by physical method, rolling in high pressure airtight space the floor, in order to increase the de
    HUAJING Anti-Static PVC roll floor, permanent anti-static property, The products are widely used in the place of precie instrument and professional equipment, including electronics, clean room...

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