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What is the use of the cinema floor? How about PVC floor?
List:Company News Time:2019-03-13

What is the use of the cinema floor? Wooden floors, tiles, floor mats, and carpets all have inadequate performance. Can I use PVC flooring? Can hygiene, safety, fire prevention, and movie viewing experience be guaranteed?

The hygiene of the cinema floor is very important. PVC floor has two characteristics: stain resistance and easy cleaning.

Anti-staining, seamless splicing + PUR surface treatment, various stains on the PVC floor will not penetrate into the floor, avoiding dirt residue, no odor, etc.

It is easy to clean. It is an unexpected accident that the movie theater floor is soiled between movie exchanges, but the PVC floor is easy to clean and can be handled easily.

This must be guaranteed at all times in the theater. The difficulty is that between the changing of the movie scenes, there may be sanitary conditions in the venue that need to be cleaned immediately. It is the easiest to cope with this situation with the anti-fouling property of the surface structure of the plastic floor. What's even better is that it seamlessly splices and can be used for a long time without dirt hidden on the floor.

Tiles are also stain-resistant and easy to clean, and PVC flooring is recommended for more than that. Generally speaking, anti-slip and anti-smudge are opposite properties, such as tiles, non-slip bricks, etc., which take their advantages from each other. PVC floor can take into account both anti-skid and walking safety under dim light.

What to use for cinema floor

The highlight of the PVC floor seems to be the answer to the question of what kind of floor is used in a movie theater. But we have to look at other basic requirements.

1. Fire protection requirements for materials in public places. The fire test of PVC floor reaches Bf1 level, which belongs to flame retardant flooring;

2. The homogeneous through-hearted PVC floor is wear-resistant and has a long service life. It has a good reputation in areas such as kindergartens and hospitals.

3. More benefits include the light weight for reducing the load on the stepped seats, the elasticity for the sound-absorbing effect of the movie viewing experience, and the abrasion resistance for the benefit of investors.


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