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Comparison of homogeneous through-heart and PVC composite floor
List:Company News Time:2018-03-06

Homogeneous and transparent, the pattern material from the bottom to the surface is the same

1. Concept of homogeneous through-hearted PVC floor

The material is a mixture of the same property from the surface to the back. The main components are PVC resin powder, calcium carbonate, and stabilizer. The wear resistance level of homogeneous penetrating material is determined by the percentage of resin powder content:

T grade: resin powder content above 80%; P grade: 60% to 75%; M grade: 40% to 50%; F grade: more than 20%

PUR treatment: The PU treatment on the surface of the homogeneous penetrating material can penetrate 1.0mm inward, which is called PUR deep infiltration treatment.

2. Comparison of homogeneous and transparent PVC flooring and multilayer PVC flooring

Convenience of construction and maintenance (convenient for construction of transparent products, but more troublesome for maintenance than multi-layers) decorative (multi-layers have printed layers and are protected by a transparent abrasion-resistant layer. Beautifully realistic)

PVC flooring can be made into two types, one is homogeneous and transparent, that is, the pattern material from the bottom to the surface is the same. If the surface of the floor is burned or scratched, it can be polished off with a sander. The waxing is just like the new one, and the other is a composite type, that is, the top layer is a pure PVC transparent layer (the wear resistance of PVC is very good), and then a printing layer and a foam layer are added below, so the compound The material's fire performance and environmental protection indicators are not the same as those of mass-through materials. PVC flooring is widely used in various aspects of home and business due to its rich colors and diverse colors.

First, the elastic floor is usually divided into two types from the structure, namely the whole body (homogeneous through the heart) and composite (multi-layer) two.

Whole body: The product structure is the same from top to bottom, and can be wear-resistant from top to bottom;

Composite: usually composed of five layers, from top to bottom, it is an antifouling treatment protective layer, abrasion resistant layer, printing layer, glass fiber layer and highly elastic foam layer, and its abrasion resistance is mainly in the abrasion resistant layer;

Differences and characteristics of whole body products and composite products:

Full body: Can be ground from top to bottom, the wear resistance is usually T and P; for minor scratches, it can be treated by grinding;

Composite: The abrasion resistant layer is thin, but it is not very good for scratching.

Regarding the difference between the translucent coiled floor and the composite floor, we can first look at the production process. The transparent coil products are high-end products in PVC flooring. Because the color pattern runs through the entire floor thickness of 2MM, the formation mechanism of the flower color is more difficult than the composite PVC floor, and the production process is quite complicated. The strict technical control over the uniformity and color difference of the color is very large. The color formation of the composite floor is a very simple printing layer principle, and the surface uses a transparent wear-resistant layer. Generally speaking, the cost of a transparent coil production line is 5 times that of a composite floor production line and 25 times that of a sheet (block) material production line. This is also the reason why Asian and domestic brands lag behind in their craftsmanship and cannot produce homogeneous through-membrane flooring.

From a market perspective, in Europe ’s mature PVC flooring market, translucent coiled flooring can occupy 90% of the market share, and in developed areas such as East China and South China in China, translucent coiled flooring can also stand at 60%. market share. However, in the past ten years, major first-line PVC brands have lacked confidence in the west and have not effectively promoted it in the western region. It is precisely the market share of mid-to-low-end brands such as composite flooring and sheet flooring in developed regions that have been well received. The strong extrusion of coiled flooring has forced the focus of market development to the central and western regions. Therefore, we can see that in the western region, the market share of through-membrane flooring is less than 40%. However, I believe this is only temporary. As more and more owners, designers, and engineers have increased awareness of PVC flooring, through-membrane flooring will regain market dominance in the western market.


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