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Anti-static PVC floor care and maintenance
List:TECHNICALl INDICATORS Time:2020-03-27

The biggest feature of anti-static pvc floor tiles is the special products used to remove static electricity, so attention should be paid to maintenance and management. Place a mat at the entrance of the place where the electrostatic floor is laid, and prepare special shoes or shoe covers for the operating room so that the floor is not contaminated. The antistatic performance of the floor surface will be weakened by dust or a lot of foreign matter, so it is very important to keep the floor clean. The details are as follows:

1. In order to maintain the brightness and conductivity of the floor, you must use an anti-static floor wax to maintain the floor (Note: Never use ordinary floor wax to maintain the floor).

2. Do not scratch or drag the floor surface with sharp or rough weights, avoid walking on the floor with shoes with nails, and keep the floor surface smooth and flat.

3. Avoid placing chairs and other items with black rubber pads on the floor. To prevent black sulfide from contaminating the floor.

4. The floor surface will be contaminated by adhesives, rubber wheels, paint, fireworks and other substances, so be careful. If there is oil or dirt on the floor surface, it can be scrubbed with decontamination and center detergent. If the local surface is scratched and bristled, it can be sanded with fine water sandpaper.

5. The floor will change color and deform under the long-term sunlight. At the same time, it will be deformed under long-term heating, so a shading screen should be set. Floors need to pay attention to the solution of strong acid and alkali to the floor to avoid floor deformation, lift and loosening.

6. If the floor surface is contaminated by a large area due to the installation of equipment, please clean it with a special cleaning machine with the help of professionals.

7, the floor can be waxed once every six months, such as people frequently wax once every three months. Our factory has anti-static floor wax for professional maintenance and professional cleaning service.


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